The season in which usually the leaves shed and the trees become deciduous, waiting for the spring to get their leaves back, but only the branches which are attached to the tree will have spring, the ones which are broken will have ever lasting autumn, they will never be green again, just like us, if we are in link with life, a hope, we have a chance to see better days, not giving up on life, sticking with tree even if it’s deciduous, there is a great chance that it will be green again, even if your life is not a life worth living for, but its just autumn, you will see better days if you stick with it, and wait for the autumn to pass away, I remember a Quote of ”

Allama Iqbal

“پيوستہ رہ شجر سے ، اميد بہار رکھ
Stick with the tree and hope for the spring

Always remember the best is yet to come.

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