Life Fading away 

FeaturedLife Fading away 

Generally we all have some plans, some goals in life, there are many plans like plan A,B,C etc, because nothing’s certain, its better to have a backup plan so that you feel secure whether it’s about your future,studies or something else, but what happens when your plans start failing, one after another and one day you’re left with no plans, you don’t know what to do and how to do anymore, you’re stuck, isolated, like a frozen tree in winter, Everything seems to fade away, darkness overcomes, but there’s always light , life goes on, a door closes, another one opens, another new plan is introduced, you start working on it in hope of catching up with your previous plans.
Hope is what keeps us going

What’s hope? Seeing better days, Finding yourself in better situations,its hard but it’s what keeps us going.

Dont Lose Hope

Dont wait for the times to change, get up, pick yourself up and change it yourself.

People like weather.

The world’s population is about 7 billion and we are one of the 7 billion people, yeah that’s right. Its not easy to stand out when you are competing with 7 billion people, all different from each other in skill set, intelligence, creed or color but still have that 1 thing in common, humanity. Sometimes this common feature or what you call character  of human beings  is not be to found in humans, would you call someone human who doesn’t have that 1 thing in common that every human on this planet has? Life is about experiences and with population like that you are bound to experience human interactions, not like you can live all your life without interacting with other people, people are of many kind just like i mentioned earlier but today i wanna about


The successful path towards a nation’s prosperity

If we look at the west and all the well developed countries leading the world, we get to see the success in every aspect of life.

What is it that they are doing differently to be affluent?

What is the key to their success?

Over the years/Throughout our lives, we have experienced that only knowledge and education have made it possible for the human race to be as successful as we are now, but if we look at the success of human race globally,its unbalanced, not every country around the globe is fortunate enough the see the success the west is striving for.

For instance i would like to mention especially the middle east and the South East Asia, the people living in these regions are not fortunate enough to get quality education and by that i mean the kind of education that a nation needs to prosper in the world and to compete with the world.

The differences between the educational system of Pakistan and America.

Well for starters you would think that its stupid to compare the educational system of Pakistan and America or the west but actually its not, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan back in 1875 made a college named Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College which was based on the educational system of the Great Britain, Why did he do that? because he saw what we have not able to see till now that the education we are providing to our youth is no way as good as the education they provide to their youth.

The question is whats wrong with our educational system?

Just to calm you down, its not completely defective, What is education for? Is it to pass the exams and get a high GPA and eventually a degree? NO! its not, where we hand our youth the books to memorize everything that is printed in it without teaching them the real purpose of the knowledge and education, we tell them that getting a High GPA is everything you have to do to be successful and indulge them into this negative sort of mindset.

No application of education and knowledge

Where we can actually tell them to use the knowledge written in the books for not only to pass the exams but to use it in real life for Research and actually use their minds not only to memorize whats written in the books but also to think and think what they can do with the part of knowledge they have, because not only you get to see the application of the laws of physics and the chemical reactions that take place in chemistry, you also memorize the entire process and hence you don’t actually need to sit down and learn it all by heart at once.

We need to understand that the learning process we have preferred is going to produce machines which store data and information but no scientists and people who can actually go on to invent something new because that’s what they are taught to do. Memorize everything.

Why is that despite of having a degree a lot people are struggling to get jobs, because the employers want them to actually apply them selves to situations and use their knowledge to good affect and they don’t want them to learn everything in books and prepare them selves for an exam, because that’s what we are taught to do all our lives.

With literally having no idea of its applications.

We are far behind the rest of world.

Still we choose to not look at the world to better our selves.

The major difference between the educational system of west and Pakistan is that “the study pattern over their is different, Over here the education is based on the books but in america its based on the researches” – Says Dania ( a 16 year old Pakistani resident who visited John’s Hopkins University in America)

Only Time

Only Time

Time, What is time? There is a right time for everything, Rushing things wont help, Cause you don’t govern it, its all about managing it
Time has supposed to play a very important part in your life, its all about managing it,and manage it smartly and cleverly because if you waste it,

Time will waste you


People who have to managed it well are supposed to be more  successful than the ones who wasted it, or got wasted,


Time knows everything, you just have to wait for the right moment, it teaches you lessons that you can’t learn from any other way, it’s about learning from that quickly, because Time doesn’t give you many chances,but if you get one, you should be ready to latch at it so you gotta fix your mistakes and move it, Roll with it, so that it doesn’t roll over you, you gotta keep up with the pase, i remember that famous quote


Time is Money

” its is actually the most valuable treasure you can ever get, and the good thing about it is Everyone get it, but you’ve gotta utilize it properly, like if you don’t know how to spend the money cleverly even tho you have a whole treasure of it,

One day you’ll eventually be broke



The Everlasting Autumn

The Everlasting Autumn

The season in which usually the leaves shed and the trees become deciduous, waiting for the spring to get their leaves back, but only the branches which are attached to the tree will have spring, the ones which are broken will have ever lasting autumn, they will never be green again, just like us, if we are in link with life, a hope, we have a chance to see better days, not giving up on life, sticking with tree even if it’s deciduous, there is a great chance that it will be green again, even if your life is not a life worth living for, but its just autumn, you will see better days if you stick with it, and wait for the autumn to pass away, I remember a Quote of ”

Allama Iqbal

“پيوستہ رہ شجر سے ، اميد بہار رکھ
Stick with the tree and hope for the spring

Always remember the best is yet to come.